When should I contact a Realtor?

At some point during most of our lives, there comes a time to buy or sell a home.  The question then arises… At what point in our decision making process should I contact a Realtor?

The short answer is ... As soon as possible!

Many people toss around the idea of buying a new home many months, and sometimes years, before they decide to take any action, however, when the time comes, your first step should absolutely be to contact a Real Estate Professional.

A Real Estate Professional can refer you to a mortgage agent (if you don't already have one).  This will help you plan for your deposit, save for a down payment, deal with any credit issues, and, set your budget.
You will gain valuable information and have a solid handle on what you can afford with your budget and help to set your expectations which will avoid disappointment later.  
You will also gather a lot of great information about the home buying process.  If you are looking for a property that is unique, it may take longer than you think to find so you can have your Realtor keep an eye out for you.  They can start to show you a few homes to help you determine what you like, and don’t like in a home.

There is a lot your Realtor can do to help guide you in the very early stages of your home buying process.

The same rings true when you are considering selling your home.  Realtors have a lot of expertise to help you through the decision making process so requested a Seller Consultation well before making any decisions is always the best idea.

They can give you a good idea what your house might sell for so that you are better able to see what you can afford to purchase when the time comes.

They can help offer advice on preparing for the sale such as getting a mortgage verification with your lending institution.  This will help you confirm the balance owing on your mortgage, learn if your mortgage is portable or if there are any early pay out penalties.

An experienced real estate agent can offer suggestions on how to best start preparing your home for sale in order to get the best possible "first impression"

If renovations or improvements are necessary to fix the house up before you sell, they can let you know the return on investment you might receive for any renovations you are considering.  Some renovations will pay off well while others may not increase your sale price at all.

A good Realtor should consult with you without pressuring you.  If they are pressuring you this early in the process, it may help you decide they are not the Real Estate Agent for you and it is better to learn this well in advance of listing your house or finding the house you want to make an offer on.

Kim offers a free no obligation Buyer and Seller consultations.  

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